Read What Our Patients Are Saying About Us!

"Dear Dr. Tse ~ All your hard work + dedication in making my teeth look beautiful has paid off.  The results are perfect.  You're not only an orthodontist, but you've become a family friend.  Thank you for everything + lots of luck with your practice."
     - Jessica (August 2005)

“Dear Dr. Tse ~ Thank you for straightening my teeth for the past 2.5 years.”
     - Andrew (March 2006)

“To Dr. Tse & Staff ~ Thank you very much for all the time spent on my smile :)  You made the two-and-a-half years go by quickly.”
     - Sabrina (August 2006)

“To Jeffrey Tse and all the staff at Richmond Hill Orthodontics ~ Thanks for everything!  Robert Alan once said 'sometimes just a smile on our face can help make this world a better place'.  Thank you to everyone at Richmond Hill Orthodontics for helping me accomplish my 'perfect smile'.  And thanks for making me comfortable every visit.  I enjoyed them all!  Best wishes to everyone at Richmond Hill Orthodontics!  And remember to keep smiling :)  P.S.: 2 years passed by so fast!!”
     - Kenny (August 2006)

“Dear Dr. Tse ~ Thanks for doing such a great job!  I can't believe that I'm getting my braces off already!  Thank you so much for making my teeth actually look like teeth!  Now I can smile properly!  All I want to say is that I really couldn't have done it without you!  I'll make sure to come by and visit once in a while, even though I no longer have braces!”
     - Winkae (October 2006)

“Dr. Tse ~ Thank you so much for giving me the perfect smile!”
     - Rachel (March 2007)

“Dear Dr. Tse & Assistants ~ I want to truly thank you for all the support and help through the 2 years to make my teeth look nicer than ever.  It would never have looked this great without all of you!  Thank you!  :)”
     - Levana (January 2008)

“Dr. Tse ~ Thank you for straightening out my teeth!  Now every time someone compliments my smile, I'll think of you!  Thank you very much, thoughtfulness like yours is appreciated more than words can say.”
     - Ada (July 2008)

“Dear Dr. Tse & Staff ~ Thank you so much for making my teeth absolutely perfect.  I never appreciated braces so much in my life before.  I guess those two-and-a-half years of waiting really paid off.  I wish you and your staff the best of luck in your work.  We'll never forget about you!”
     - Jennifer and Family (August 2009)

“Dr. Tse ~ Hi!  Thanks for the smile!”
     - Joshua (September 2009)

“Dear Dr. Tse ~ Thank you very much for taking great care of my patients and a sincere thanks for your valuable expertise on my last case!!”
     - Dr. Chow, referring dentist (December 2009)

“Thanks a lot … And, of course, many many thanks for making my smile so beautiful & perfect!  Thanks a bunch Dr. Tse and to everyone at Richmond Hill Orthodontics!  :)”
     - Bill (December 2009)

“Dear Dr. Tse & Staff ~ Thank you for all the time and effort you put into making my teeth so perfect!  I just can't stop looking at my new smile!  I just want you to know that I'm REALLY going to take care of them and your hard work will not go to waste.”
     - Alexandra (March 2010)

“Thank you, Dr. Tse, for a wonderful job!  Ally will for sure enjoy her smile for years to come!”
     - Stephanie & David - parents of Alexandra (March 2010)

“Dear Yvonne & Maggie ~ Thank you for your thorough organization of bookings, phone calls, and paperwork!  You helped to keep us on-time for all of our appointments!  Your helpfulness was very much appreciated!”
     - Stephanie & David - parents of Alexandra (March 2010)

“Dear Dr. Tse ~ Thank you very much … I really appreciate all that you have done for me, despite such a busy schedule.”
     - Samson (May 2010)

“Dear Dr. Tse ~ I really appreciate your help and I want to thank you for your valuable time and all the support that you have given me.”
     - Chen (May 2010)

“Dear Dr. Tse & Staff ~ Thank you for the superb care and tireless accommodation!”
     - Dennis & Ryan (December 2010)

“Dear Dr. Tse and all the dedicated staff ~ Thank you for all the support and help that you have given me … Thanks for being a group of such wonderful people and working hard to give patients their long-wished smile … I would like to give this to you to say all my appreciation.  I will keep in touch!”
     - Chen (December 2010)

“To Dr. Tse & Staff ~ Thanks to all of you, it's hard to find words nice enough to thank people nice as you!  Thank you for all your hard work, and fixing my crooked teeth!  I've always hated going to the dentist.  But with your polished skills and your staff's utmost professionalism, the experience was actually quite enjoyable.  I'm sure you will bring more happy smiles to all the children in the years to come.  Best wishes.”
     - Tommy (June 2011)

“Dear Dr. Tse ~ Thanks so much … I greatly appreciate it … and I’m truly thankful and so glad that you are my Orthodontist!  Thanks for being so patient with me and explaining everything so thoroughly. You have been so great ...”
     - Lois (June 2011)

“Dear Dr. Tse ~ I thank you very much … It truly means a lot to me as a patient … this is what I love about you as my Doctor – as you’re so patient and able to explain things thoroughly and honestly … I sincerely thank you … :D”
     - Lois (August 2011)

“To Dr. Tse & Team ~ Thank you very much for your skills and patience.  In the past, I used to feel very conscious about my overjet / overbite.  Thank you so much for improving my smile!  'Every time a heart is touched by kindness, another flower blooms.'  Thank you so much.”
     - Renee (August 2011)

“Dear Dr. Jeffrey ~ Thank you for giving me chips.  Thank you very much for your kindness & the generous gift.  You certainly have mastered the art of thoughtfulness!  Because you were so very nice, so very thoughtful, too, this brings a special thank-you especially for you.”
     - Michelle, Leo, Jie Hua, & Kwan (August 2011)

“Dear Dr. Tse ~ To thank you, your special ways and generous heart make a beautiful difference.  Thank you so much.”
     - Veronika (September 2011)

“Dr. Tse, thanks so much … I truly appreciate you … I really really appreciate it :)  It means a lot!!  … Best ortho  :D”
     - Lois (October 2011)

“Dear Dr. Tse ~ I have learned so much from you that it is difficult to put into words how grateful I have been for you help.  Once again, thank you very much.”
     - Samson (December 2011)

“It's a great day Dr. Tse!  Definitely one to be smiling at ;)  Thanks so much … I've never had the opportunity to really thank you and thus wanted to today.  Your passion in orthodontics is evident and shows in your work ~ I can testify and acknowledge that my confident smile is completely your doing!  Anyways, hope to keep in touch!”
     - Donna (December 2011)

“Dear Dr. Tse & your brilliant team ~ I never liked to smile when I was growing up, but thanks to all of you, I have a beautiful smile now!  Thanks for putting a smile on my face!!  Also special thanks to Yvonne & Maggie for accommodating my tough schedule always!!  May all of you have good health always!!”
     - Rosalia (January 2012)

“Hi Dr. Tse ~ Thanks a lot!”
     - Ronnie & Candy (March 2012)

“Dr. Tse, you fill my life with smiles … Thank you!  Thank you Dr. Tse for giving me this beautiful smile!”
     - Michelle (March 2012)

“Dear Dr. Tse & Staff ~ Thank you!  Just can't say it enough!  I want to thank you all for their dedication.  A friendly environment was present, which made my experience even better.  After 2-3 years, I am extremely grateful for how my teeth turned out.  Also, the variety of colours (orange and yellow most of all) had me smiling every time.  Looking back at my braces (which were orange for one last time), I have no regrets.  The tightening and temporary pain was worth it.  I look forward to this final year.  Once again, thank you!  :)”
     - Sharon (March 2012)

“Dear Dr. Tse ~ Thank you so much for all your hard work and effort in giving me my 'million dollar' smile.  I enjoyed coming here every month and being greeted by your friendly manner, together with your kind staff.  I will definitely come and visit :)  P.S.: My sister, Alessia, is next … I know she is in 'good hands' :)”
     - Daniela (April 2012)

"I had (my braces) done at 'Richmond Hill Orthodontics' (Highway 7 and Leslie) by Dr. Jeffrey Tse.  His office is very new, very big, and very nice.”
     - iEyeCaptain - posted on www.forums.redflagdeals.com (April 2012)

“ … thank you Dr. Tse, for always being so patient and so helpful and always so positive :)  … I appreciate it so much!  … Thank you for your recommendations … Thanks always!  You are the best :)  … a HUGE SUCCESS… I’m so happy! :D  … thank you for saving my teeth :)”
     - Lois (May 2012)

“Dr. Jeffrey Tse, Orthodontist ~ Great services!  The staff is nice and very welcoming.”
     - Vincent - posted on www.foursquare.com (June 2012)

“Thank you Dr. Tse!  … :-)  Thanks for being so patient with me.  I really appreciate it.  You’re one of the best Doctors that I’ve had in my life … so thank you.”
     - Lois (October 2012)

"Dear Dr. Tse & Wonderful Staff ~ Want to say a big Thank You to all of you for all of your hard work to straighten out my SMILE :) !  My orthodontic 'journey' is loooooong ... but your kind staff and well-run office made each visit a pleasure!  I will recommend you at every opportunity.  THANKS again Dr. Tse, 'Teeth Beauty Magician'!  All the best."
     - Wiki (December 2012)

"Thank You So Much, Dr. Tse ~ Words cannot express how grateful I am to you for everything you have done for me.  It goes much deeper than the teeth and I don't know what I would have done without you & your expertise & commitment to your patients.  I am forever indebted.  :D"
     - Dina (December 2012)

"To All The Staff at Dr. Tse's ~ You are all an awesome group of women that I have enjoyed knowing.  It has been so much fun getting to know you all.  Thank you so much for everything & for helping Dr. Tse do what he does best.  Keep smiling!  I know I will!  :D"
     - Dina (December 2012)

"Dear Dr. Tse ~ ... my braces are finally off.  Thanks to you and your staff, I have a nice and big smile!"
     - Andrea (December 2012)

"Dear Dr. Tse & Staff ~ ... thanks for always making me SMILE  :)  everytime I come for a visit!  Thank you all for your patience, kindness, and hard work, and making this all a worthwhile journey for people like me  :)  I feel very blessed to have such a wonderful ortho family!  ... Many Thanks + Love  :)"
     - Lois (December 2012)

"Hi Dr. Tse ~ I just checked out your new website ... :) so thank you! ... Just wanted to say great job on the new website!"
     - Lois (January 2013)

"Dear: Dr. Jeffrey ~ Happy Chinese New Year!  Thank you very much for taking good care of my teeth!"
     - Michelle (February 2013)

"Dear Dr. Tse & Staff ~ Thank you for taking care of Alden's ortho need.  He does look different with a handsome smile.  Our deep appreciation!"
     - Dr. Ching & Carol, referring dentist (March 2013)

"Hi Dr. Tse ~ This time, I just want to say thanks to you and all your staff, especially Yvonne at the front desk ... she always smiles and greets us whenever I go there ... thank you."
     - Jeannie (April 2013)

"Thank you so much, Dr. Tse, for giving me such a beautiful smile.  Thank you for always making me always so comfortable, and I never had any doubts that I was in good hands. Thank you!"    
     - Julia (May 2013)

"Dear Dr. Tse ~ Thank you so much, Evan's and Dora's teeth are very beautiful now, and they are very satisfied & happy!"
     - Mrs. Chen (May 2013)

"Dear Dr. T and Staff ~ Thank you soooooo much for making my smile so perfect!  I was pretty picky as a patient, but you accepted my every request.  Now I have beautiful teeth and it was right in time for my graduation too!  I got so many compliments on my teeth and it's all thanks to you.  THANK YOU!"
     - Sonia (June 2013)

"Thank you Dr. Tse & Dream Team for taking care of my teeth for the past 2 years!  My teeth are so beautiful & I LOVE IT.  You're the BEST!  The Ortho Dream Team  :)  Thank You!"
     - Rachel (September 2013)

"Thank you so much! ... I'm very thankful to have you as my ortho, Dr. Tse!  I met up with my dentist friend today and she told me she sees a lot of your patients post-braces and she wanted me to tell you that you produce beautiful smiles!  =D"
     - Lois (October 2013)

"Jeff, thanks for all your help and taking good care of our smiles =)"
     - Tony, Linda, & Liam (December 2013)

"Dr. Tse & Helpers ~ Thanks for making my teeth look so good :)"
     - Tammy (December 2013) 

"Dear Dr. Tse ~ Thank you for making my teeth nicer."
     - Cindy (December 2013)

"Dear Dr. Tse & Staff ~ ...due to your extensive time and effort, you all pitched in to create a beautiful masterpiece.  I am extremely thankful for all the staff members as well as the Doctor himself for generating a new confident and happier smile  =D  I thank you all very much ..."
     - Jessica (December 2013)

"Dear Jeffrey ~ Happy New Year!  Thanks for treating my teeth!  Your skills are perfect!  Best wishes ..."
     - CoCo (January 2014)

"Dr. Tse & Staff ~ Thanks, you made a difference ... Hi Dr. Tse, thank you for working on my teeth!  I'm sure they will look so much better now (I wrote this card the day before getting my braces off).  I'm really looking forward to having straight teeth.  I've enjoyed my appointments: you and all your staff have always been very nice.  Once again, thanks for making a positive difference in my smile! :D"
     - Annie (June 2014)

"Dear Dr. Tse + Team ~ Thank you for all your hard work, time, and effort in straightening up my teeth.  I know it got really tough when I told you I had to get them off in a certain amount of time and still needed veneers and etc ... But you made it possible, Dr. Tse!  When I come back to Toronto, I'll definitely drop by and get my teeth checked, haha.  And I promise I'll wear my retainers!  Honestly, I can't thank you guys enough! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!  & Have a great summer  :)  Love ..."
     - Cherry (June 2014)

"Thank you Dr. Tse!  Dear Dr. Jeffrey Tse ~ Thank you so much for the beautiful teeth I have now!  Thank you for you and your team's patience and encouragement!"
     - Janet (October 2014)

"Hello, thank you for taking my braces off today.  I'll remember this day.  My mouth feels good now.  You've done so many good things for me.  I always appreciate of what you've done to me.  Here are the pictures of you and me."
     - Chris (October 2014)

"From your very thankful patient: Daphanie ~ Thanks from Me!  Just a little line or two to bring my warmest thanks to you! ~ To the super kind receptionists, all the staff, and Dr. Tse:  It has been a pleasure to spend the last two years with you all.  You're the kindest group of people I've ever met and I'm so thankful to have you guys working with me.  After every appointment, I always can't wait for the next one.  Your happiness and kindness sheds off, creating a great environment in the office, which is why I'm always happy to come.  You guys encourage me to show more care for my teeth.  It's been a long, fantastic two years.  Without you guys, I don't think I would smile as often as I do now.  You guys are the reason for my smile and I can't thank you enough how grateful I am to have you guys provide me with such great dental care.  On behalf of me and my father, we would like to give great thanks to everyone, especially Dr. Tse.  Keep up the amazing work, there are many beautiful smiles out there all thanks to you.  You guys are the best. ~ P.S. I think I might actually miss my braces"
     - Daphanie (November 2014)

"Dear Dr. Tse & Staff ~ Thank you guys for everything and I hope you guys have an amazing holiday!  Happy Christmas"
     - Rachel & Kyle (December 2014)

"Dear Dr. Tse and Staff ~ I want to thank you so much for the past 2 years for making my teeth look perfect.  I will definitely miss you and your friendly staff.  The elastics and temporary discomfort was worth it!"
     - Alessia (December 2014)

"Thank You Dr. Tse ~ I know that you probably certainly get these cards all the time and it might get pretty tiring sometimes but I just wanted to thank you for everything that you've done for me.  It's been around six years since the first time I stepped into this place with crooked teeth.  I still remembered being awed by the video games in the little corner in the waiting room.  I think I was 12 or maybe 13 then?  I'm pretty sure I was 12.  Anyway, I am so grateful now that I can smile without feeling embarrassed or awkward.  You and your whole team have been nothing but sweet and awesome and I don't think I can thank you enough.  Believe it or not, I'm actually going to miss this place a lot.  Not the braces though.  I'm definitely not going to miss those.  Thanks again for everything.  You rock.  Really you do.  And your team too.  Your favourite and most likable patient"
     - Katherine (January 2015)

"... very excellent, teeth all good, and it is a very supreme doctor ..."
     - RateMDs Review (January 2015)

"This is coming to say what I hope you know - I'm much more grateful than words can show. Thank You ~ Dear Dr. Tse and Staff ~ Thank you for all the time and commitment that you have all put into my smile!  I love my new smile as well as everyone around me.  Everyone says my teeth are beautiful and it's all thanks to you all.  I feel so much more confident in showing my teeth now!  As well, thank, you for the kindness and care that you have all shown me in the past two and a half years.  I had enjoyed every visit and had looked forward to every appointment.  Thank you for everything!"
     - Emily (April 2015)

"Thanks ~ Dear Dr. Tse & Staff, Thank you so much for all your hard work and patience.  I can now be proud of my smile because of you :)"
     - Teresa (July 2015)

"You're my kind of people ... the thoughtful kind! ~ I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of you for the amazing experience I had as a "young" patient with your office.  From my first time that I came to your office and throughout my entire treatment each and every visit, I came and left your office with a happy face ... You and your team made my difficult journey easier.  Now I feel more beautiful and 18 years old again :)"
     - Dilara (July 2015)

"Dear Dr. Tse & Team ~ Thank you for perfecting my smile.  It helps me look better, eat better & feel better.  BIG THANK YOU, Cheers"
     - Hayden (August 2015)

"To: Dr. Jeff Tse ~ Happy Holidays, may your holiday be filled with joy and special moments.  Thank you for making my teeth look great.  And also a thank you for telling my brother, Tristin, to stop sucking his thumb, his thumb looks much better now!  :)  Happy Holidays!  And a Happy New Year!"
     - Justin (December 2015)

"Dear Mr. Tse ~ Thank you for all the years (and appointments) you worked on to get my teeth straight.  If it hadn't been for you and your team, I wouldn't be smiling today.  Thank you for all your effort in getting my teeth straight, and I hope that you'll have a wonderful Christmas.  Merry Christmas ... Wishing you the jolliest of holidays and the happiest of new years!  Thank You!"
     - Bonnie (December 2015)

"Dr. Jeffrey Tse and Staff ~ Our warmest wishes for a joyous Noel and peace in your heart this Christmas.  Thank you for helping Vanessa get a beautiful smile.  You and your staff are friendly and made visits comfortable and fast.  Have a Merry Christmas and joyous New Year. :)"
     - Pota (mom) & Vanessa (December 2015)

"Dear Dr. Tse ~ Thank you ~ Your kindness is special - and so are you!  Happy late new year and Christmas!  I wanted to say that it has been great working at your orthodontics and great experience!  I never knew I would pour models, touch orthodontic tools, or suck saliva of patients during bonding time :)  These are things that girls and guys my age wouldn't normally experience!!  I hope you continue doing great things like you always are.  THANK YOU."
     - Eugene, Co-op Program Placement Student (January 2016)

"Dr. Tse is great with everything ..."
     - RateMDs Review (June 2016)

"Thank You!  Dr. Tse & Team ~ Thank you for giving me my confidence back and for making me feel the most beautiful I have ever felt.  I cannot thank you all for being so professional, kind, and accommodating.  You have treated me so well, and have been with me through every step in this process.  You are all an amazing team and I am so glad to have been treated by you.  Your positivity has kept me going as an adult in braces!  Thanks for everything"
     - Sanyya (October 2016)

"Dear Dr. Tse and Nurses ~ Thank you so much for all your time and effort in fixing my teeth.  Thanks to you, I can now smile confidently.  You have all made this process more pleasant than I was expecting!  Keep up the great work!  Best wishes"
     - Anabel (November 2016)

"Dear Dr. Tse ~ Thank you for your help.  When I think of all the things you've done, I simply can't just stop with one ... So thank you again and again!  Thank you so much for being patient with me all these years.  Have a Merry Christmas!  Best wishes"
     - Leo (December 2016)

"With Sincere Appreciation Dr. Jeffrey Tse ~ Your thoughtfulness will always be remembered ... and I really appreciate it so much.  Small acts of kindness really mean so much."
     - C. Charlebois, Charlebois Associates (December 2016)

"Millions of thanks to you and your great team Dr. Tse!  Happy Holidays!  :)  Much holiday happiness to you and yours this season."
     - Dr. Richard Gao & Staff, Tooth Matters Dental Office (December 2016)

"Dear Dr. Jeffrey ~ Wishing you Happy Holidays and a whole New Year filled with Joy!  Thank you so much for your kind smile whenever I come to see you.  It was (is) always making me comfortable and happy.  Wishing you have a Happy New Year."
     - Ginhui (January 2017)

"5-Stars ~ Dr. Tse cares about patients and I like his services.  Staff are always friendly.  I went to check lots of places for my kid.  He is very friendly as well ... I can trust this place.  My kid is happy to come here."
     - Lily D., Google Review (March 2017)

     - Stephen, Google Review (June 2017)

"To: Dr. Jeffrey Tse & Staff ~ Thank you for giving Daniele, Livianna, & Alessandra a million dollar smile.  Your care & service was wonderful and inviting everytime.  Wishing you all the best in life ahead and a great summer.  Much success with your practice & teaching.  Made with love, enjoy"
     - Vita & Livio (July 2017)

"Thank you Dr. Tse and team for helping us transform our beautiful smiles over the last two years. :)"
     - Jodi & Audrey (August 2017)

     - Bryan, Google Review (August 2017)

"Dear Dr. Tse ~ A note of thanks!  Thank you so much for fixing my teeth!  :D  It helped me in so many ways!  Now I can have a good smile!"
     - Darren (October 2017)

"To: Jeffrey Tse Orthodontics ~ Kindness is beautiful.  Thank you so much to every dentist.  Thanks to all of you for enchanting my teeth!  Thank you to all Orthodontists. :)"
     - Sabrina (October 2017)

"Dr. Tse ~ You're an awesome Doctor & I'm grateful to be your patient!  :)  Wishing you and yours all of the season's best.  Happy Holidays"
     - Mike (December 2017)

"Dear Dr. Tse ~ Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!  Hope your Christmas is filled with much Joy and Happiness.  Best wishes for the holidays and for health and happiness throughout the coming year.  Thank you for your kind smiles always!"
     - Ginhui (December 2017)

"Dear Dr. Jeffrey Tse ~ I wanna thank you as well as your group of friendly workers on making my teeth straight and beautiful.  These past 2 years have been amazing working with you to fix my teeth, there was no time when I did not want to come in for an appointment for you and your co-workers are always friendly, kind, loving, and always so welcoming.  When I come here, I feel like I am a friend instead of a patient and that says a lot about this workplace.  I loved talking to you about cars since it was both our interests and I believe you will eventually get your Ferrari F12 Berlinetta!!!  I want to thank you and your team once again on this amazing journey!  Thank you!"
     - Jason (December 2017)

"Dear Dr. Tse ~ Thanks for caring my teeth and giving me a beautiful smile :)  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year."
     - Morgan (December 2017)

"For Dr. Jeffrey Tse ~ Thank You.  A basket full of thanks for your kindness.  Merry Christmas!  Thank you for helping me improve my teeth.  I hope you have a good year."
     - Jane + Mom (December 2017)

"Hello Dr. Tse ~ Happy New Year! ... We would also like to thank you for taking excellent care of Gavin & Carson's teeth for the past years, much appreciated!  We will for sure recommend you to our friends (I already did).  Since the boys don't need to come every month now, we will miss you and all of your staff ... take care ..."
     - Queeny (January 2018)

"Dear Dr. Tse + Staff ~ Thank you for all your hardwork, dedication, and time put into making my teeth look perfect!  :D  All of you are so kind.  Each time I come in the office, I feel welcome.  Thank you!"
     - Melissa (January 2018)

     - Benson, Google Review (February 2018)

"To: Dr. Tse and all members and staff ~ THANKS A MINION!!!  Thank you for fixing my teeth!!!  Thank you so much for the care, excellent service, and kindness you have shown since my first visit.  I appreciate everyone's time and effort.  God bless."
     - Joshua (June 2018)

"Dr. Jeffrey ~ My sister and I went to you for braces!  We get so many compliments on our smile and part of that is due to you and your staff's amazing work ... I have you to thank for that ..."
     - Nimmi (July 2018)

"Dear Dr. Tse + Staff ~ Thank you for your professional and personal care and service in my orthodontic treatment in the past years.  It has been a pleasant experience!  Enjoy the KitKats as a gesture of thanks and appreciation."
     - Kyle + Family (August 2018)

"Dear Dr. Tse ~ Thank you for giving us our beautiful smiles!!  :)"
     - Jocelyn & Burchard (August 2018)

"Dear Dr. Tse & Gang ~ Thanks so much!  For giving all you give ... for doing all you do, for caring as you care ... Thanks for being you!  The cheesy poem wasn't my idea but it does sum up what I want to say.  Thanks for a great three(?) -odd years & a much nicer (to say the least) set of teeth.  :)"
     - Jonathan (August 2018)

"Dear Dr. Tse ~ A very special thank you!  With sincere appreciation ... Thank you for making my teeth so beautiful now!  Thanks to the staff also.  All of you have given me a great smile.  Now, I'm no longer scared to smile, laugh, or do anything with showing my teeth.  The day I got my braces off, I couldn't stop smiling and showing my teeth to everyone.  I'm not kidding!  Having braces was worth it.  My teeth look great!  But that's all thanks to you and your crew.  Thank you!"
     - Shannon (August 2018)

"To Dr. Tse and Associates ~ I myself have been a customer at Richmond Hill Orthodontics, and would like to thank you very much for your amazing braces treatment & your overall customer experience!"
     - Bryan (November 2018)

"Dear Dr. Tse and Team ~ Thank you!  My teeth are so straight now!  Thanks to your help, I can say bye to my underbite!  You changed my life and now I can finally eat popcorn, gum, and gummy bears.  MERCI!"
     - Clarice (November 2018)

"Dear Dr. Tse and Team ~ Thank you for letting me have a chance to play the video game whenever I come.  I would love if you got the game I want.  And when I get older like my sister, I might get underbites too.  I would come to you to get my braces ... although I don't want to get my braces, I would still come to your place just like my sister.  MERCI!  :)"
     - Jeston (November 2018)

"Dear Dr. Tse ~ Thank you so much for your wonderful work!  I love my smile now because of you & your team!  May the quiet beauty of the season bring peace and joy to your home, Happy Holidays"
     - Mike (December 2018)

"Dear Dr. Tse and Staff ~ Thank you for all the help and care for me throughout the 2 years.  I really appreciate that.  I wish you guys a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Hope you can keep up the good work and success!"
     - Brian (December 2018)

"Dear Dr. Tse ~ Thank you for all you are doing for Isabella!  Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!"
     - Dr. Io & Family (December 2018)

"Dear Dr. Tse and Associates ~ It has been 3 years since I first got my braces, and now I really have to say, my teeth look soo much better than before!  Thank you so much for you and your team's hard work and dedication!  I really believe that unlike many other orthodontists, you guys care about what you do, making each and every customer feel welcome and comfortable, even when the braces aren't always so comfortable.  Thank you so much again!  Please enjoy these nice chocolates.  May you and your families all enjoy the very best this holiday season!"
     - Bryan (December 2018)

"To Dr. Tse and Team ~ Thank you for everything you guys have done to fully transform my teeth from something of my dreams into reality.  It was a painful 2 years with braces, but it was all worth it at the very end.  Thank you all for everything!  Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!  (P.S. Thank you for convincing my brother to stop sucking his thumb, and I can't wait to see what you and your team can help his teeth!)  :)"
     - Justin (December 2018)

"Dr. Tse and Staff ~ Happy Lunar New Year!  Wishing you all the best in the coming year.  Thank you for everything you do.  :)"
     - Saroya (February 2019)

"Dear Dr. Jeffrey Tse and Staff ~ I'd like to sincerely thank you for your amazing work and effort for giving me the best smile I could ask for!  You all made me feel very welcomed & comfortable on every visit, I greatly appreciate the genuine care.  Thank you Dr. Tse for everything and for being the best Orthodontist!  Best regards"
     - Ani (March 2019)

"To Dr. Tse and Staff ~ A thank you to let you know how very much your thoughtfulness meant.  Thank you for supporting our business!"
     - Dr. Gao (July 2019)

"To Dr. Jeffrey Tse & the Team ~ Thank you for the constant friendliness and kindness you have shown in the past couple years.  I am glad to have gotten braces from here and will recommend family & friends in the future.  I am grateful for all the hard work & effort that was put into my teeth.  Thank you for my beautiful teeth and smile!  :)  May your orthodontist's office continue to be successful in the years to come!"
     - Phoebe (August 2019)

"Dear Dr. Tse and Staff ~ We wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the amazing straight teeth I have today.  This would not have been possible without your hard work.  Just my little way of saying thanks.  Keep up the good work Doc!  :)"
     - Hiba & Zainab (September 2019)

"To Dr. Jeffrey Tse & Team ~ Thank you with gratitude and appreciation.  Dr. Tse, the last few years has been quite a trek.  A journey that I was and will be able to bring traces of your dedication and kindness with me wherever I go in the form of a smile.  I will miss these monthly visits and seeing you and your amazing, talented team.  I still recall walking into your office after school one day for the first time, unaware of the wonderful path right in front of me, hidden.  Looking back at past pictures, I realize how much of a challenge it was to work on my case, with the switched tooth and all.  Now, I'm extremely grateful for you to take it on and wouldn't want anyone else but you and your team to do so.  I am so extremely thankful for you and your team for everything you've done for me for the past years.  I hope everyone enjoys an amazing future because you all deserve nothing less than that.  Your hard work will be carried with me wherever I go.  Best wishes and happy holidays to you and your team."
     - James (November 2019)

"To:  Dr. Jeffrey Tse & Staff ~ Hope Christmas brings lots of happiness your way.  Thank you so much for all your kind referrals!  Wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!"
     - Dr. Richard Gao, ToothMatters Dental (December 2019)

"Dearest Dr. Tse & all the Staff ~ Good luck, good health, and God bless you cause you are the Best Dr. in the WWW ... you gals are soooooooooo awesome!"
     - Nehemiah, Jonathan, Daisy, & Francis (December 2019)

"Dear Dr. Tse ~ Thank you for being a mentor to me all these years and teaching me all the different aspects of dentistry.  You have made a huge impact on my journey in this field and I cannot thank you enough for investing your time in me and all the opportunities you've given me.  Thank you again for taking the time to write my reference letters!  Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  :)"
     - Rachel (December 2019)

"Dr. Tse & Staff ~ Year of the Rat ~ Thank you for everything you do for my teeth.  I hope you and your families have a wonderful year."
     - Saroya (January 2020 ~ Chinese New Year)

"Thanks so much Dr. Tse ... Yourself and your office staff have been great and your customer service is excellent."
- Jessica (May 2020)

     - Banghu, Google Review

"5-Stars ~ Dr. Tse cares about patients and I like his services. Staff r always friendly. I went to check lots of places for my kid. He is very friendly as well. Price is a bit high but I can trust this place. My kid is happy to come here."
- L.D., Google Review

"5-Stars ~ I got my braces with Dr. Tse as an adult. In my case, I needed traditional metal braces. During the initial consultation, Dr. Tse seemed confident that he could complete the treatment within 2 years. Most of the other orthodontists I consulted with estimated 2 to 2.5 years. So I decided to go with Richmond Hill Orthodontists, and the pricing was fair.

I was very satisfied with the service that Dr. Tse and his assistants provided. My braces were removed in just under 2 years, and I'm happy with the results. He really spares no expense in providing quality service. Most importantly, he has sufficient staff and wait times were usually kept to a minimal. He also offers the choice of permanent or removable retainers."
- Allan, Google Review

"5-Stars ~ A very patient doctor!!  He has friendly and professional staff too!!  I feel safe when I brought my daughter for a consult today.  They take COVID infection control seriously."
     - Sue, Google Review (June 2020)

"5-Stars ~ First of all, Dr. Tse and his team are very professional in every way.  But what I want to share about my story is that Dr. Tse has been “stuck” with me for 3 years, I’ve been through wearing Invisalign, then metal braces and then Invisalign again as my teeth were unexpectedly hard to move.  But Dr. Tse didn’t charge me more than what we were initially agreed on for any unexpected expenses and he’s always been so very nice and extremely patient to me.  Now my teeth are perfect and the result is very satisfactory.  I feel really lucky that I went to see Dr. Tse.  I highly recommend him, a professional doctor with the kindest mind and care to his patients!!"
     - Kayla, Google Review (September 2020)

"Dear Dr. Jeffrey + Team ~ As my braces journey is coming to an end, I want to take this chance to express my appreciation for you and your team's time and effort in fixing my overbite and making my teeth nice and straight!  The receptionist's enthusiasm when I walk into your office, the orthodontic hygienist's patience, and your kindness and jokes (about which colour I wanted each time despite always asking for silver) made these 2 years of braces a little easier and fun.  Hope you have a wonderful holiday season!  Thanks again :)  P.S. I'm sure my brother will see you soon, his teeth are worse than mine were, lol.  Best wishes, Happy Holidays."
     - Annabelle (December 2020)

"Dear Dr. Jeffrey ~ Thank you so much for taking care of Ambrose and Ashton.  May you enjoy this holiday to come.  Wishing you and your family Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!"
     - Dr. Alan Mak & Family (December 2020)

"Dr. Tse ~ Thank you so much for your kind advice.  I will definitely bring (Elise) to see you ... Happy Holidays ... wish you and your family stay safe and healthy.  Thank you again for fixing Elizabeth's underbite situation in such a timely manner, what a great relief for me."
     - Lisa (December 2020)

"5-Stars ~ Have not been here in years after not using my retainer about 4 years ago or longer.  However, Dr. Tse is a great dentist and a friendly guy.  The staff are really nice as well.  I remember there were gaming consoles in the seating area which was pretty awesome, especially when I was younger.  I had an underbite and some teeth spaced out on the top but Dr. Tse helped fix that :D.  Would recommend you come here!"

     - Kevin, Google Review (December 2020)

"5-Stars ~ Went to Dr. Tse as an adult to put on braces for just over a year. Had a fantastic experience with him. Where he stands out is the time he takes to tend to your concerns - was answering email concerns himself or arranging for time to chat on the phone, always within a couple days. In the office when I had questions at times he made time after my appointment to discuss further in his office and alleviate my concerns. He's an extremely nice, friendly guy and obviously cares about you achieving the best result. His staff were equally fantastic, very friendly and made you feel at ease. My teeth are now perfectly aligned and locked in place (with the aid of wearing my clear retainer which will wind down with time). Lastly, they followed covid-19 protocols very seriously and always felt safe in their office - no people in waiting rooms, and little wait times to see him. Highly recommended office!"
- Mike, Google Review (January 2021)

"Dr. Jeffrey Tse and his team of orthodontists/apprentices/understudies are good at what they do and have maintained a positive client relationship over the past couple of years. COVID was an unexpected event that have changed the ways of how the process works now but they have made efficient and safe accommodations."

- Sabrina, Google Review (March 2021)

"Hi Dr. Tse ~ ... Alex finally got her three new teeth! It has been such a long journey and thank you for helping us all these years! She looks great and we are all happy-:) ... Thanks again!"
- Lei, Alexandra's Mother (March 2021)

"My daughter is Dr. Tse's patient. Dr. Tse is professional and meticulous. His staff provides good service as well. They remind us of the appointment on the phone courteously and they patiently answer our questions. We appreciate that they follow COVID-19 safety protocols cautiously."
- Carol (Hayley's Mother), Google Review (April 2021)

"Jeffrey ~ We are so excited ... very appreciative for your time and expertise in giving (Matthew) straight teeth and a great smile for life ... Thanks for all your help."
- Dr. Howard Tong, Matthew's Father (May 2021)

"Dear Dr. Tse ~ Thank you so much for the care and support you and your team provided over the last 1-2 years.  Going into my treatment, I was admittedly a bit skeptical of what kind of results I would see, but after seeing the impact Invisalign has had on my teeth and my bite, I am in awe of the magic you were able to work.  I find that you never really know how bad things are until you have it good :).  I hope the team enjoys the gift, and thank you once again for being so kind and informative throughout this experience!  All the best."
     - Matthew (July 2021)

"To Dr. Tse & His Team ~ To thank each one of you, knowing people nice as you gives life a brighter touch, And so, to each and all of you - thanks very, very much!  Dr. Tse, you are so lucky to have the best team of staff, who are so sincere & professional, who care about each client, and try to satisfy each of our requests.  We feel so grateful to be your clients.  Thank you so much."
     - Brian, Henry, Cindy (July 2021)

"5-Stars ~ Dr. Tse did a wonderful job repairing my teeth with Invisalign.  He also fixed my brother's teeth extremely nicely.  His attentiveness and caring attitude towards his patients has been really impressive.  Thank you Dr. Tse!"
     - Lydia, Google Review (July 2021)

     - Ashley, Google Review (August 2021)

"To Dr. Tse & Staff ~ Thank you for all the time and effort you have spent in making Chloe's teeth perfect!  Thanks again."
     - Bonnie, Chloe's Mom (November 2021)

"Dear Dr. Tse & Staff ~ Wishing you a peaceful, joyful, & healthy Christmas!  Thank you for your excellent service and attention to my 'personal' dental work!"
     - Stephanie (December 2021)

"5-Stars ~ Dr. Tse did an amazing job with my teeth.  He was kind and helpful for every appointment we had.  I highly recommend him to anyone!"
     - Matthew, Google Review (December 2021)

"To Dr. Tse and His Magnificent Staff ~ It's a perfect time to thank you for the nice things that you do, and a perfect time to let you know you're thought the world of, too.  A big thank you to you and your wonderful staff.  I'm so lucky to have had you as my doc.  Best wishes always."
     - Nandini (January 2022)

"Dear Dr. Jeffrey Tse ~ Thank you for all the time and effort you have spent in making my teeth perfect.  I am filled with gratitude that you are always eager to readily help me out whenever I need it.  Ronald, Anne, and I are so lucky to have you as our Orthodontist.  We all trust you and feel completely safe with you in charge.  Thank you for giving me a beautiful smile!  :)"
     - Jenny (March 2022)

"To Dr. Jeffrey Tse & All Staff ~ Thanks so much ... The phrase is simple and the words are few, but behind them is a whole lot of appreciation.  It has been a tough time for those years.  We would like to take this chance to thank you all!  Thanks for your kindness & patience!"
     - Eva & Family (April 2022)

"Dear Dr. Tse ~ Thank you for giving me a beautiful smile :)"
     - Lydia (May 2022)

"Dear Dr. Tse ~ You're the best Orthodontist ever.  Thank you very much."
     - Andy (May 2022)

"Dear Dr. Tse and Staff ~ The last 4 years spent with my teeth under your care were delightful.  Getting braces was a new and frankly scary experience, and everyone made me feel comfortable and welcome.  I have never felt more proud of my teeth.  Thank you for everything!"
     - Yolanda and Family (August 2022)

"Dr. Jeffrey Tse and his team are just wonderful, brilliant people. They’ve moved my teeth with braces as a kid and later with Invisalign as an adult, and he’s the only orthodontist my family has trusted with our smiles. He’s expertly skilled in his craft, finding a dental solution specific to each patient without taking shortcuts. His enthusiasm is unmatched, and the rest of his staff have never failed to treat me like family. His fees might seem higher than other orthodontists at first, but once you’ve agreed to them, there are no surprise costs tacked on throughout your treatment and he won’t charge you for any unforeseen hiccups along the way. I went through three sets of refinement trays with Invisalign and wasn’t charged for a single one (which other orthodontists are known to do, drastically increasing the money you’re out at the end). I usually dread appointments of any kind, but I’ve always looked forward to seeing Dr. Tse and his team. They truly care about their patients and they’re passionate about the work that they do, and that’s not alays easy to find."
     - Aranie, 5-Stars Google Review (August 2022)

"Dr. Jeffrey is an amazing human being who is genuinely kind without ulterior motives. I grew up with buck front teeth and Dr. Jeffrey helped me straighten them and they are still perfect 10 years later. I returned to his office recently to remove the permanent retainers to get cavities filled and his positive energy, kindness, expertise, and honesty hasn't changed after 10 years. He did not charge for retainer removals until just recently due to economic conditions even though it takes time and his pricing is much more fair than other locations. Highly recommend Jeffrey's office."
     - Desmond, 5-Stars Google Review (November 2022)

"Dear Dr. Tse & Staff ~ Thank you so much for giving Dino & I perfect smiles!  As they say 'it's better late than never'!  :)  Your attention to detail and sense of precision are very much appreciated.  Wishing you, your staff, and your families a very Merry Christmas and a healthy New Year."
     - Santina & Dino (December 2022)

"To Dr. Tse and Everyone at Richmond Hill Orthodontics ~ Thank you for making my Orthodontics experience unforgettable!  From always being so accommodating to providing a lovely environment at every appointment, from Phase I to II - I knew I was in good hands, and am thrilled to be confident in my smile again.  Thanks Dr. Tse for all your hard work and especially the crazy braces colour combos I didn't get to try out  :)  I wish you all the very best and hope to see you soon.  Happy Holidays!"
     - Iva (December 2022)

"Dear Dr. Tse & Associates ~ Thank you so much for working on my teeth for the past 15 months and giving me a beautiful smile :)  I am so pleased with my results and had an amazing experience watching these changes.  You have inspired me to consider a career in Dentistry and obviously (maybe) Orthodontics!  You and your staff have been so patient and caring with Steph and I, and we wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  Warmest wishes"
     - Alicia & Stephanie (December 2022)

"Dr. Jeffrey Tse ~ Happy Holidays!  Thank you for giving Andy, Bonnie, and Carson beautiful smiles!  We appreciate your wonderful work!"
     - Mother of Andy, Bonnie, and Carson (December 2022)

"Dear Dr. Jeffrey ~ Thank you for helping us be able to smile with our teeth without insecurity.  Thank you for your care for the last two years.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!"
     - Ambrose and Ashton (December 2022)

"Dear Dr. Jeffrey ~ Thank you again for giving my sons the beautiful smiles!  Your time, effort, and great technique are greatly appreciated!!  Wishing you a blessed holiday season.  Merry Christmas!!"
     - Dr. Alan Mak & Family (December 2022)

"Dearest Dr. Tse & Staff ~ Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!  We appreciate your hard work throughout Trinity & Tyson's ortho treatment!  Thank you so much!!"
     - Mother of Trinity and Tyson (December 2022)

"Went to Dr Jeffrey Tse for Invisalign. Dr. Tse is very professional, extremely thorough, focuses on perfect results, and at the same time is very friendly and approachable. He is always willing to take time to explain each step of the treatment, and always listens to my questions and answers them patiently and precisely. The Ortho team has always been so polite and efficient! I never have to wait long, and can be in and out quickly. I would highly recommend Dr. Tse!"
  - Daisy, 5-Stars Google Review (January 2023)

"Dear Dr. Tse ~ Just a note to thank you again for your service and attention to my dental requirements! I'm so happy with my straight teeth and new smile. Even at 60+ years of age, I have a new confidence. My only regret is I should have done it ten or twenty years ago (LOL). Thank you for helping me to make Ally's wedding perfect! I'll be in touch. And a BIG thank you to Kat + your attentive staff who help to make your office run like clock work!! :)"
  - Stephanie (January 2023)

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